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Shriji Socio Legal Journal

(A Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal) ISSN: 2231-1556



(A Peer Reviewed/ Refereed Journal)


The ShriJi Socio-Legal Journal (SJSLJ) is a bi-annual publication. Papers for publication in SJSLJ are invited in the form of articles, notes and comments.

SJSLJ expects authors to abide by academic integrity and intellectual honesty. Papers submitted for publication in SJSLJ should be original. Papers which are already published in other journals, anthologies etc., should not be submitted for publication in SJSLJ.

The Manav Foundation shall be the sole copyright owner of all the published materials. Apart from fair dealing for the purposes of research, private study or critique, no part of the journal shall be copied, adapted, abridged, translated or stored in any retrieval system, computer system, photographic or other system or reproduced in any form by any means whether electronic, mechanical, digital, optical, photographic or otherwise without prior written permission from the Foundation.

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